KQ Entertainment Releases Update On ATEEZ Mingi’s Health And Promotion Status

He is improving a lot, but will still remain on hiatus.

KQ Entertainment has released an update on ATEEZ Mingi‘s health, after he started his hiatus in November 2020 due to health concerns.

In a statement made on ATEEZ’s fancafe, KQ Entertainment shared how Mingi’s health is improving, but he will still stay on hiatus. However, there is also good news for ATINY, related to ATEEZ’s comeback album.

Hello, this is KQ Entertainment.

First of all, we would like to thank ATINY for their continued love and interest in ATEEZ. We would like to inform you about Mingi’s recent condition and his participation in ATEEZ’s new album and activities.

Mingi has suspended his official activities since November and has been focusing on counseling and treatment, and he has been both receiving treatment and resting during this time. With the treatment, he is returning to the psychological stability that he was at prior to his hiatus. As a result, we have been in discussions with Mingi, his parents, and counselors ahead of ATEEZ’s comeback, and we have all agreed there has been a lot of progress made through the counseling treatment.

However, we also came to the conclusion that Mingi should continue to focus on recovery, as everyone agreed that Mingi making his return when he is not fully recovered could cause future concerns for not just Mingi, but all of the ATEEZ members. So please understand that ATEEZ will continue to promote with seven members instead of eight.

Even still, all of the songs in ATEEZ’s new album were recorded prior to Mingi’s hiatus, so fans will be able to hear Mingi’s voice in the album.

ATINY, please continue to send your support to Mingi so he can come back to promotions healthy. We will notify you of his future activities through an official notice.

Thank you.

— KQ Entertainment

ATEEZ teased their comeback will be on March 1. The album format is currently unknown.

Source: ATEEZ Fancafe


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