Former UNB Member Marco’s Fansite Claims He Lied About His Dating Rumors With MOMOLAND’s Hyebin

He allegedly entered a group chat with fans.

Previously, it was reported that former UNB member, Marco, and MOMOLAND‘s Hyebin are dating. Her agency officially confirmed the news to the media outlet, Newsen. However, in light of the confirmation, a former fansite, @youandme0511, who has been a fan of Marco since 2019, stepped up to reveal his alleged lies.

As most K-Pop fans would know by now, idols sometimes enter godokbangs on KakaoTalk. Godokbangs are huge open group chat rooms where you are only allowed to post photographs. Even if you wanted to ask something on the chat, you would only be allowed to communicate via text in photos. However, exceptions are made when the idols themselves pay a visit to the room. Usually one would have to prove they are the idol before being allowed to proceed. NCT‘s Jaehyun once visited such a chat room.

According to the fansite, Marco had personally come to the room to deny the rumors. Dating rumors between Hyebin and Marco had been swirling around as early as 2019 when they were spotted with couple items, often posting photographs at the same locations as well.

His messages to the chat room are as follows.

| @youandme0511/Twitter
  • “Yes hehe”
  • “No but there have been sayings that I am dating.”
  • “It’s totally not true.”
  • ‘No… That’s why, I came into the chat room because I wanted to tell you guys not to worry and to let you guys know.”
  • “Just because I’m upset!”
  • “It worries me, in various ways.”
  • “No but, I’ve never had a couple ring, not once since birth.
| @youandme0511/Twitter
  • “See you guys again hehe. If there is a way to help you guys to believe me, please let me know. I will try it out!!”
  • “I’ll come again heh”

The fan site pointed out that not only were they sporting couple rings on broadcast…

| @youandme0511/Twitter
| @youandme0511/Twitter

…they also had been uploading photographs at similar locations and timings, such as the Han River.

| @youandme0511/Twitter
| @youandme0511/Twitter

The fan site also claims that they often wear matching clothing items such as this shirt…

| @youandme0511/Twitter
| @youandme0511/Twitter

…as well as items such as down jackets, hats and watches.

While the fan site has expressed her anger and the alleged lies, many fans are also supportive of their relationship. Congratulations to the happy couple!

Source: theqoo