NCT’s Jaehyun Fans Almost Kicked Him Out From The Fan Chat Room

Whew! That was close!!

NCT‘s Jaehyun was almost kicked out of his own fan chat room and barely proved it was him through improv selfie.

On January 11, Jaehyun entered a fan open chat room where fans share photos, gifs, and memes of the star.  Jaehyun began talking to his fans by pretending to be a fan and ask for the source for a photo.

Jaehyun probably expected fans to be thrilled to see him but the chat room was rather quiet since everyone was watching the popular drama, SKY Castle.

Jaehyun tried again and revealed it was him to surprise his fans.

But instead of a warm welcome, fans began to treat him like a imposter who was just seeking attention. Some fans even shared threatening memes and told others to ignore him or kick him out.

When fans demanded a selfie to prove that it was him, he answered, “You guys always tell me I’m bad at taking selfies…”

Soon, Jaehyun uploaded a selfie to prove himself and told his fans they were so cute before leaving the room.

NCTzens thought it was sweet of Jaehyun to surprise his fans but thought it was hilarious fans gave him a hard time to prove if it was really him.



Source: Nate Pann


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