Fans Argue That (G)I-DLE’s Miyeon Deserves More Opportunities

“The fact that her fans were quiet after the music video release says all you need to know.”

Fans are arguing that (G)I-DLE‘s Miyeon deserves more lines and opportunities.

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Amid the debate over (G)I-DLE’s line distribution, many fans felt that Miyeon was too often left out, highlighting the fact she has consistently had the fewest lines in each of the group’s title tracks.

In a post that has since garnered 141K views, a netizen laments the lack of parts for the idol. First, pointing out the fact that when there were six members, Miyeon would often be covered from view during their performances due to their dance formations.

Miyeon is covered in dance formation | Nate Pann
Miyeon is covered in dance formation | Nate Pann

Now that the group is five members, although she is no longer covered, the netizen argues that Miyeon’s parts are minuscule compared to the other members.

Now that there are five members, she is no longer covered, but her parts are a problem. In “Tomboy,” the killing part where they say ‘Fxcking tomboy,’ is taken by Yuqi and Minnie, while the part where they say, ‘Yeah, I’m a tomboy,’ is taken by Shuhua and Minnie. Miyeon was given the part where they say, ‘Crazy bxtch,’ which she killed, but she should’ve been given more. She’s always given the transitions between the first and second verses and is never given a part where she could really shine.

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The netizen then uploaded the line distribution for two of the group’s most recent title tracks, which showed Miyeon had received the least lines.

| Nate Pann

The netizen then states that Miyeon is never given the center position during performances, lastly stating that at this rat, she’s afraid that Miyeon will be a victim of, “As international fans say its main vocal -> sub vocal -> backup dancer -> nonexistent.”

Many fans agreed with the netizen stating they, too, had noticed the lack of opportunity for Miyeon.

  • “How can you say that they share the center position equally when Miyeon is the only one that never gets to be center? This most recent teaser saw Miyeon and Soyeon receive the most praise. I hope they push Miyeon as much as they pushed Shuhua on this most recent comeback. She’s not just the visual, but she’s also the main vocalist. It’s not right how they use her as a thumbnail for their contents but not have her on, and how they have her sing one line during a performance, and how they don’t give her more parts.”
  • “I’m just proud of how despite all this, she’s still the most popular member. I’ve given up on them, LOL. They live off popularity anyway, and she is the most popular member.”
  • “To be honest, she has never received the killing part. They give her a plain part, but she kills it and turns it into a killing part.”
  • “I heard Miyeon’s Chinese fans were going to boycott this comeback, LOL. I am sure they are going to boycott the next one, and seeing how her fans are quiet on Twitter makes me nervous. I just don’t understand why her parts are constantly shrinking.”
  • “The fact that her fans were quiet after the music video release says all you need to know.”
  • “I know Soyeon is the one who made the song and that she has the most parts since she matches the concept well, but she took too much. I wanted to hear Miyeon’s part.”
  • “Why are they showing the team’s prettiest and best singing member the least? It’s beyond me. Why in the world are they doing that?”

What are your thoughts?

Source: Nate Pann
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