Fans Are Slightly Scared Upon OnlyOneOf Mill’s Shocking Return To The Group

No one even knows why he was suspended.

OnlyOneOf‘s Mill, who was suspended from the group in November by the agency, has officially returned, but fans are slightly scared.

8-D Entertainment announced through OnlyOneOf’s official fan cafe that Mill will be returning to his activities following his suspension.

Mill’s suspension will be lifted on December 23. Thank you to fans who’ve been waiting. They’ll be making a return early next year with a new album.

— 8D Entertainment

But when his suspension was announced back in November, no explanation was given as to the reason.

Mill will be excluded from all activities because he’s been suspended due to violating an internal rule.

— 8D Entertainment

Mill finally showed his face again to fans following his return, but his shaved head and lack of explanation have fans scared.

The lack of information and an idol appearing with a shaved head is giving fans a bad feeling.

  • What the heck? So scary…
  • What’s wrong with his agency? I’m scared…
  • This is super creepy…
  • They shaved his head? What are they, a gang?
  • I’m getting the shivers here.
  • That agency is crazy.

No formal statement has been made regarding the fans’ response following the announcement.

Source: The Qoo