Fans Send Protest Trucks To JYP Entertainment, Calling Out Stray Kids’ Stylists

Netizens are in agreement.

Stray Kids has always been known for their unique concepts and styling. Even so, as idols, their fans want to see them look their best on stage. Recent styling seemed to have ticked fans off, such as their multiple belts fashion.

Fans also noticed that their makeup was badly done at the recent 2023 MBC Music Festival. Fans complained that the makeup was overly ashy in tone, and their hair oily. Although the wet look is a typical style done by groups with darker concepts, Stays seem to be sick of the style.

As such, fans have sent trucks to the company building to call for change.

| theqoo

They complained about the bad styling, and how their hair and makeup team often ignores the planned album concepts as well.

One of the messages on the truck. | theqoo

Here are some of the messages displayed by the truck.

  • Caked and split-up bangs, oily and waxy hair, flat 5:5 partings, all OUT. Improve Stray Kids’ hair.
  • Their hair and makeup is all the same as they ignore it. What’s the use of planning album concepts? The hair and makeup team who stops us from rewatching fancams and only cares about themselves, OUT. Division 1 who can’t understand what the public wants, get a grip.
  • The hair and makeup team who only covers up the members’ strengths, OUT. The fandom atmosphere is getting worse. If you didn’t know, you should shut down your entertainment business.
  • Their stylist? Forget it. There’s too much to say. Just change their stylist.

Netizens related to the fans, even wanting the truck to make a pitstop at the companies of their biases.

Netizen reactions. | theqoo
  • Wow, please come to my bias’ company too.
  • This is the first time I want to cheer on a truck. Please go in front of BIT&BOOT too.
  • Wow, they have the same stylist as NMIXX. Insane. It’s crazy over there too. The fans must be boiling.
  • The comments are sad but funny LOL.
  • Please come to our company too, with the same words.
  • Ah, I was going to be like, “you guys wear it yourselves!” But their stylist really does wear such things. F*cking funny.
  • Stray Kids used to have really pretty hair, makeup, and styling, but it got weird from some point.
  • Please send the truck to Cheongdam too, please.
  • But I feel like the fans here always make the fonts really well such that they catch your eye. Are the fans becoming like the artists? LOL.

JYP Entertainment has yet to respond.

Source: theqoo

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