Fans Are Shocked To Learn That Comedian Ji Sang Ryul Was Once NewJeans Danielle’s “Teacher.”

Small world!

Rookie girl group NewJeans is certainly making their mark in K-Pop.

The group from HYBE’s sub-label ADOR and consisting of members Haerin, Hyein, Minji, Danielle, and Hanni, has been under the media’s spotlight since its debut.

It is hard to deny that the group isn’t the talk of the industry at the moment.

Member Danielle has played no small part in the group’s instant popularity. Many see the singer as one of the artists leading K-Pop in the new generation.

Danielle | ADOR

Recently, netizens were shocked to learn that they may have seen the member before when she was just a baby.

Danielle | Theqoo

In a post on one of Korea’s largest online communities, a post claimed that the idol was a former student of comedian Ji Sang Ryul. The post shared pictures of Danielle as a baby with the comedian.

Danielle (left) with Ji Sang Ryul (right)| tvN

Turns out, Danielle was a former guest on tvN‘s 2011 reality program, Real Kids Story Rainbow, which was hosted by the beloved comedian!

Danielle arm-wrestling a friend | tvN

Netizens reacted to the revelation in shock, stating they couldn’t believe how fast time flies.

  • “Wow, I really loved the show. Jihye (Danielle’s Korean name) and Doyoon liked each other, lol. The babies were so cute and pretty ㅜㅜ.”
  • “I miss the babies on the show.”
  • “Wow, a Rainbow baby has grown up this fast?”
  • “I remember waking up early on Sundays to watch the show. I can’t believe they have grown up this fast.”

While others were shocked to see how cute the idol was as a baby.

  • “She looks like a doll.”
  • “Dani <3.”
  • “Dani is so cute.”
  • “I was shocked to see how cute she was as a baby, lol. Ahh!

Real Kids Story Rainbow was a reality program that first aired on tvN in 2011. The show ran for 43 episodes and was hosted by Ji Sang Ryul, who was the children’s teacher on the show.

| tvN

Ji Sang Ryul is a beloved comedian who is famous for his appearances on legendary shows such as X-Man, Infinite Challenge, and 1 Night 2 Days.

Ji Sang Ryul | mbc

Danielle debuted with NewJeans on July 22 of this year with the group’s pre-debut single “Attention.” Check out the MV for the song in the link below!


Source: Theqoo and Wikitree