Fans Are Shocked To Learn That NMIXX’s Sullyoon Was The Singer Behind Some Of The Group’s Highest Notes

Fans are shook!

NMIXX‘s Sullyoon is going viral again. This time, however, it is for the singer’s voice rather than her legendary visuals.

The NMIXX member recently took part in a video with the YouTube channel “It’s Live,”  where she and the group showcased a live performance of their latest single, “DICE.”

In the video, Sullyoon is seen boasting her world-class vocal range, hitting the song’s high notes with ease.

As the singer who is considered a generational visual among K-Pop fans, and best known for her beauty, fans were shocked to see that it was she who sang some of the group’s highest notes.

Netizens reacted to the clip, praising Sullyoon for being a rare combination of visual and a legitimate vocalist. Many fans couldn’t get over the fact that someone as beautiful as her could also sing so well.

  • “Wow, you wouldn’t think someone so beautiful could also be so good at everything. I’ll love her forever.”
  • “I honestly thought that Lily sang that part. Lily’s really good and Sullyoon is also really good. They are all really good.”
  • “I was shocked to see how powerful her voice was. I got goosebumps.”
  • “When Sullyoon first debuted, I thought wow she’s so beautiful that she probably isn’t very good at singing and dancing, but I saw she danced well so I thought surely her singing must be suspect, but here she is singing the high notes. Lol. Sullyoon is perfect.”
  • “I honestly thought that was Lily, lol. I love NMIXX these days.”
  • “Honestly when NMIXX fans say the group’s live performances are better than the audio version, I thought they were going overboard, but seeing now seeing them sing live, I can understand why they feel that way. They sound cleaner and much crisper live.”
  • “Hearing NMIXX sing relieves my stress.”

What are your thoughts? Did you know Sullyoon had that in her? If you want to check out the group’s live performance for “DICE,” check out the link below!

Source: Nate Pann