Fans Mass Email SM Entertainment After A Photoshoot Staff Allegedly Took A Hidden Camera Photo Of aespa’s Winter

Fans are outraged.

 SM Entertainment has denied the allegation in an official statement.

Fans of aespa are outraged due to a recent discovery made on Twitter. A Korean fan who was watching a behind-the-scenes video of their photoshoot pointed out that a staff walking behind the girls had appeared to have angled his phone towards them.

In the clip above, the man can be seen taking out his phone and walking behind the girls. Fans found his movements suspicious with the way his arm appears to have dipped when he was directly behind Winter. A close-up appears to show that he had opened an app resembling the camera app.

| @bleuroje/Twitter

While no official statement has been issued about the news, fans are absolutely outraged at the matter. Although Winter was indeed wearing long pants for the photoshoot, the pants in question still remained fairly revealing in the back.

| Givenchy

Fans have not only been mass emailing and tagging SM Entertainment in the relevant materials, but they have also been asking for the staff to explain the matter through comments on his Instagram.

A fan also also called SM Entertainment directly to report the matter. The fan received the reply that they will be passing along the message to the in-charge. The fan also requests for other MYs to contact the customer center with the same message including the video and timestamp, to push for quicker feedback.

The staff and SM Entertainment have yet to provide statements on the matter.