SM Entertainment Denies Accusations Of A Photographer Taking Hidden Camera Photos Of aespa Winter

SM Entertainment denied claims.

SM Entertainment made an official statement regarding the recent happening surrounding aespa‘s Winter. Previously, fans had accused a photoshoot staff of allegedly taking a hidden camera photo of Winter during a fashion shoot. The incident had been captured on camera in a behind-the-scenes video.

| @aespa_official/Instagram

Through media, a representative of SM Entertainment denied the matter.

We have confirmed that the photographer in charge of the shoot, who appeared in the video in question, did not do what he was misunderstood of. Winter, of course, enjoyed the photoshoot back then, and there were no incidents that were unpleasant neither were there any situations that could be misunderstood.

— SM Entertainment

SM Entertainment also thanked fans for their concern and expressed their hopes for no more misunderstandings to arise.