Another Hint From Jungkook? — Fans Speculate The BTS Member’s Solo Album Release Date

Was that intentional?

BTS’s youngest member, Jungkook, just delivered his new solo single, “3D (feat. Jack Harlow),” and the responses are already explosive.

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“3D” is Jungkook’s second solo single following “Seven (feat. Latto)” and the overall third release on his solo catalog, with the addition of his feature on Charlie Puth’s “Left And Right.”

With every new song, the anticipation around a full album from Jungkook has grown exponentially among ARMYs. Initially, though he revealed that he was working on a full album, he expressed uncertainty about the time of its release.

Jungkook then hinted at a rough timeline of his solo activities during his appearance on Suchwita on July 29 (KST). He mentioned that after his debut solo single, he will release another single and then a mini album by November.

In a recent interview with Audacy post the release of “3D,” the interviewer asked him about his plans for the rest of 2023. Jungkook responded that his album might be coming soon, raising fans’ expectations to a new level.

Though he only teased the mini album’s release, some ARMYs believe that they have cracked the code and figured out the actual date, that too from the “3D” music video.

It is no secret that the BTS members like to plant spoilers in bare sight, and most of the time, unassuming fans don’t catch up until it’s hindsight. For his solo release, Jungkook gave quite glaring hints about “3D” during his dinner with TXT and Bang Si Hyuk after the MTV VMAs. Thankfully, ARMYs were quick to connect the dots.

So now, they are more ready than ever to catch the next hint, and many believe that it was planted in the “3D” music video. There is a brief solo shot of a payphone poster in the video that has the number “10” written at the center. Many ARMYs felt that it was strange to focus on a random poster unless it was intentional.

Given that the number “10” is kept in focus and the rough timeline given by Jungkook in Suchwita, ARMYs are speculating that his first album will be out on November 10! The calculations have some solid ground, given that the date falls on a Friday, and Friday releases have become an industry norm.

However, some are wary of the theory

Have fans finally caught up with BTS’s master spoilers? A month’s wait will hopefully give us the answers.