Fans speculate SM Entertainment’s mysterious image teaser hints at SHINee’s Jonghyun

SM Entertainment is kicking off the new year with a mysterious image teaser uploaded via their official website, SMTOWN, raising many questions among fans as to who will be the next SM artist to make a comeback, or possibly, a solo debut.

The image teaser was released on January 1st, 2015, and has peaked the interest of both fans and netizens alike.

Against a dark background, an outline of a glowing square can be seen transforming into a smaller shape triangle. The meaning of this transformation was not revealed, but has attracted many speculations from onlookers.

Fans have speculated the artist to be SHINee’ Jonghyun, commenting, “Taemin = triangle, Jonghyun = square, SHINee = pentagon, SM’s plan??”, “Please, let this be Jonghyun,” “Taemin’s solo dance activities, Kyuhyun won first place with his ballad, so this time I think it’s Jonghyun. Jonghyun can do both ballad and dance, I’m really looking forward to it!” and more.

The agency last teased to anticipate additional solo debuts from their artists, including f(x)’s Amber and SHINee’s Jonghyun.

Source: Sports Chosun