Fans Spot A Surprising Connection Between aespa’s Ningning and Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon

Their beautiful voices aren’t the only thing they have in common!

Both aespa‘s Ningning and Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon are great vocalists and performers, but they share other similarities, too!

aespa’s Ningning | @aespa_official/YouTube

Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon | @taeyeon_ss/Instagram

Ningning and Taeyeon are both well-known in the K-Pop world for their talents and their visuals. As it turns out, they have their tattoo placements in common as well! Taeyeon’s “serenity” tattoo has been admired by fans ever since she debuted it. This delicate tattoo sits just above her elbow.

| @soshirevelae/Twitter

Ningning’s tattoo artist recently revealed her “sweetener” tattoo in an Instagram post. The tattoo is in the same spot as Taeyeon’s “serenity” tattoo.

| @playground_tat2/Instagram

Taeyeon and Ningning also go to the same tattoo artist! They both go to Playground (also known as Diki), a tattoo artist based in Seoul. Playground is known for his exceptional fine line work and his delicate tattoos. He’s shared photos of tattoos he’s done for both of these idols on his Instagram page.

Fans were thrilled when they realized Ningning and Taeyeon not only have tattoos in the same spot but also go to the same tattoo artist.

Some fans even guessed that Taeyeon told her junior about Playground and wondered if she had accompanied Ningning to her tattoo session.

Both Ningning and Taeyeon have absolutely gorgeous tattoos, and we think it’s so cool that they go to the same tattoo artist!