Fans Spot IU Turning Into The Ultimate Fangirl At Her Favorite K-Pop Group’s Concert

She shared a special moment with the group backstage.

The superstar soloist IU has millions of fans, Uaenas, who adore her and would be thrilled for a chance to meet the celeb. She proved that when she sold out a record-setting two-night show, The Golden Hour: Under the Orange Sun, at Jamsil Olympic Stadium in September of this year.

IU at her “The Golden Hour: Under the Orange Sun” concert | @dlwlrma/Instagram

While millions admire IU, she has her own idol she cherishes, and it’s a K-Pop group that she’s admired since she was nine years old.

The artist is the 1st-gen group, g.o.d!

g.o.d | Korea Joong Ang Daily

g.o.d debuted in 1999 and became a legendary and pioneering K-Pop act. Although the group went on an indefinite hiatus to pursue solo activities in 2005, they came back together in 2014 and have promoted together several times since.

IU has long been outspoken about her love for g.o.d and their music and even hilariously questioned why she accepted a promotional interview for her album in 2014 when g.o.d’s concert tickets were on sale at the same time.

IU became a successful fan in 2018 when the veteran K-Pop group was the special guest during her first dlwlrma concert.

IU went from global idol to adorable fangirl at her own concert, nearly bursting into tears after working so hard over the years, only to meet her idols as industry peers.

g.o.d and IU at her 2018 “dlwlrma” concert in Seoul

IU again became the most successful fangirl recently, and fans can’t get enough of the legendary interactions between the icons.

IU released a new episode of her variety program, IU’s Palette, with g.o.d as her latest guest.

In the intimate setting of the IU’s Palette studio, IU’s dreams came true as she got to chat and sing with her favorite idols, stating that the group’s previous appearance at her dlwlrma concert made her feel like she “made it.”

During the show, g.o.d had a special gift for the younger star, a customized voucher for the group’s upcoming concert that was made especially for IU. g.o.d’s Kim Taewoo hilariously told IU she would need to bring the large voucher to the concert hall to use as her ticket, and she happily obliged.

On December 11, IU kept her promise and adorably posed with the voucher in front of the venue, captured smiling brightly by reporters and fans.

Not only did IU get to attend the show, but she was also part of the pre-show huddle, and fans noticed how much she shined as she basked in the special moment.

During the concert, IU transformed from superstar to ultimate fan, enthusiastically dancing along in the crowd as she waved her lightstick.

Fans praised her loyalty to the group and g.o.d’s kind treatment of their junior idol. She truly became the most successful fan through her hard work and talent!


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