Fans Spot ENHYPEN’s New Hair Colors In Recent Live Broadcast

A comeback is near!

ENHYPEN‘s Jay, Heeseung, and Ni-Ki recently visited fans through their latest “Dance JAM” live broadcast.

They danced to various songs and artists, including NCT U’s “Boss” and BTS’s “Dynamite.”

However, despite all three of the boys choosing to wear hats, fans took notice of what seemed like new hair colors hiding underneath.


Ni-ki’s previously platinum blonde hair appeared ash gray sticking out of his beanie.


Similarly, Jay showed off what seems to be newly dyed black hair.


With both boys previously rocking the blonde look, a comeback is in the air! They also stated they’re doing well in preparations for the new album…

…and particularly love the title song.

All of this teasing for the new era of ENHYPEN is just too exciting!

Until then, ENGENE can watch the boys get their dance on in their latest broadcast.

Check out the full video below!