Fans Are Stunned By ITZY’s Visuals In Real Life After Seeing Them At Venice Beach

“Photos don’t even do them justice.”

The members of ITZY made an unexpected appearance at Venice Beach in California, and netizens are living for the unreal visuals they served.


Many people were surprised when ITZY were spotted there with J.Y. Park, founder of their managing company JYP Entertainment.

But surprise soon gave way to amazement as ITZY showed off their next-level performance skills in a game of “Random Play Dance” with their fans. The group’s appearance gave them the chance to share many memorable interactions with their fans, leaving MIDZYs online hilariously jealous.

But no one can exactly blame them, as the members truly shined. With the golden sunlight lighting them just right, ITZY proved that their visuals alone might as well have been the main attraction.

Ryujin received compliments for her gorgeous hairstyle, which showed off her features perfectly.


Yeji blew minds with her goddess-like visuals…


As did visual legend Yuna.


Chaeryeong also effortlessly reminded everyone that she was truly the main character…


…while Lia looked like the princess she is.


ITZY always manage to look spectacular, but as fans who were able to see them in person reported, their visuals in real life are something else altogether.

It seems like ITZY can’t make a move without calling attention to their looks, and that’s as it should be!