ITZY’s Yuna Goes Viral For Her Flawless Visuals In Latest Airport Photos

“Yuna is the epitome of IT girl vibes.”

ITZY‘s Yuna is going viral for her incredible visuals while on her way to the international leg of her group’s first world tour.

On October 24, a netizen authored a post that has since garnered over 100K views. In the post, the netizen posted the idol’s latest airport fashion.

The idol appeared on this day wearing a cream-colored cardigan, jeans, and sneakers. Despite her casual wardrobe, the idol’s visuals were anything but.

Yuna |

Yuna dazzled fans with her impeccable beauty and her  seemingly perfect flowing hair.

Netizens agreed with the author, with many raving about the star. Many praised Yuna’s picturesque visuals.

  • “Yuna is the epitome of IT girl vibes. She’s so pretty that it makes me wonder if we live in the same world.”
  • “Her facial features are brilliant, but still looks good wearing clothes that make her look innocent.”
  • “She’s so pretty. She is serious goals…”
  • “My heart is racing…”
  • “She’s pretty AF…. She looks exactly as she did when she first debuted. The cardigan and jeans look are legendary.”
  • “She looks like a webtoon goddess.”
  • “Cardigan and jeans… She looks so innocent! She’s so pretty.”

Want to see Yuna live? Yuna and her group ITZY are currently on the group’s first world tour. The dates and locations of their tour are below.

ITZY | JYP Entertainment
Source: nate pann


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