Fans Are Surprised By SHINee’s Taemin And Key’s Apologies For “Colorist” Comments Made To Minho

The video clips have since been deleted from SHINee’s YouTube.

In late September 2023, SHINee‘s Taemin and Key came under fire for comments about Minho‘s skin tone.

SHINee’s Key (left) and Taemin (right) | @bumkeyk/Instagram
SHINee’s Minho | @SHINee/Twitter

In the latest episode, Key and Taemin commented on how Minho’s skin tone becomes darker after outdoor activities, making jokes about being unable to see him in the dark and asking why he became so tanned.

Many viewers found these comments to be “colorist” and discussed their disappointment in the two artists over their words.

Just days later, Taemin, Key, and the team that worked on the video issued apologies via Instagram story. Each apology mentioned they would reflect on what they said after receiving feedback from fans.

While some feel like not enough was done, many fans have been left pleasantly surprised by the acknowledgment of the issues.

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|| @shinee/Instagram
|| @shinee/Instagram

Unfortunately, when K-Pop artists make comments or do things found to be offensive by fans outside of Korea, more often than not, in the past, the issue is brushed aside by entertainment companies.

Many fans believe this to be especially true about SM Entertainment, whose artists have made similar comments that were received negatively, only to have no or a slow response made to the reaction from fans.

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While it would have been easy to let the issue slide, many fans are glad that SHINee took the necessary steps to acknowledge and apologize to those hurt by the comments.