Fans Are Swooning Over BTS Jin’s New “Jin Ramen” Commercial

From Jin Ramen to Jin’s Ramen.

BTS Jin‘s highly anticipated Jin Ramen commercial is out, and netizens can’t get enough!

Earlier, we reported on BTS Jin’s new endorsement deal with Jin Ramen. Fans couldn’t be happier for the idol as it has always been a goal of the idol.

My wish after debuting was to become a model for Jin Ramen…

— Jin Ramen

  • Jin: I’m really happy that I brought the noodles that have my name on them. One day I’m going to be a model for it.
  • Jungkook: Are you sure?
  • Jin: I’m not sure, LOL. But it’s my dream.
  • Jimin: Are you watching Jin’s ramen?
  • Jin: Are you watching? The brand that comes back up whenever it falls?

Previously, the parent company of Jin Ramen, Ottogi, released a teaser of the commercial, hinting at the new partnership between the brand and Jin.

Do you like Jin Ramen?💙+❤ = 💜 Jin Ramen is always sincere when it comes to taste. Coming soon on November 11!

— @ottogi_daily

Finally, on November 11, Ottogi released the much-anticipated commercial! Jin is seen modeling for the brand’s spicy red packaged ramen and its milder blue packaged ramen.

Jin isn’t the model because his name is Jin. It’s because have sincerity in common. Jin, do you like ramen? Like Jin Ramen!

— Ottogi

In fact, it seems the brand was so happy with Jin as their model that they filmed another commercial!

Finally, our sincerity got through to one another. A meeting between Jin, who is as sincere about food as he is about music, and Jin Ramen, which is always sincere about taste!

Jin, do you like ramen? Like Jin Ramen!

It’s sincerely good! Ottogi Jin~Ramen!

— Ottogi

Fans and netizens alike gave the commercial a rousing approval. Many netizens couldn’t get over how adorable Jin was in the commercial.

  • “He’s so cute, LOL. Seok Jin filmed a commercial for Jin Ramen.”
  • “So adorable~ LOL.”
  • “LOL, he’s a perfect match.”
  • “Why is he so cute, LOL.”
  • “He’s adorable.”
  • “Kim Seok Jin is so cute.”
  • “He’s really so cute, LOL.”

It seems Jin and Jin Ramen is a match made in noodle heaven!

Source: theqoo


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