Fans Think This Is Why LE SSERAFIM’s Official Social Medias Are Not Being Updated In Kim Garam’s Absence

Here’s what they think.

LE SSERAFIM‘s Kim Garam has recently been put on hiatus after her bullying controversy hit the media. An ex-schoolmate accused her of school violence and many others stepped up to corroborate. Following her absence, the team has continued to promote on music shows as a five-piece team.

Fans began to grow suspicious when they realized that despite the fact that the rest of the members were continuing to promote, the official social medias had stopped running. Where they used to post selfies and other updates on the official accounts…

…the last update on @le_sserafim was on May 20, 2022, right before Garam went on hiatus. Not only did the group’s official Twitter stop updating fans with selfies and group pictures, Source Music’s official Twitter also stopped updating the girls’ schedules.

They previously reported every schedule and appearance. This all stopped after the scandal broke out.

Fans think that the company is trying to reduce the digital footprint of the group as a five-piece, in order to facilitate a return for Kim Garam in the future. The more photos there are of the group without her, it would create a possible chance for future fans to rediscover the incident after her reinstatement.

Fans criticized the company for their apparent defense of Kim Garam.

Netizen response to the fan theory. | theqoo
  • “Is she something?”
  • “The war of nerves, ugh”
  • “Wow…seems like they’ll reinstate her in the next album LOL how amazing”
  • “Ugh, so annoying”
  • “Wow, goosebumps”
  • “War of nerves LOL”

Currently, there have not been updates regarding Kim Garam’s status in the group after her hiatus. Stay tuned for more news on the matter.

Source: theqoo


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