Fans Think ITZY’s English Names Are Simply Hilarious

ITZY gave themselves English names for fun

ITZY is currently in America exploring New York. On a recent live broadcast, ITZY showcased the English skills that they have been practising during their stay.

The girls read English comments that international fans were writing during the live broadcast. One fan even made a reference to Avengers: Endgame and Lia exposed herself as a Marvel fan.

But the highlight of the live broadcast occurred when the members revealed that they had given themselves English names. These names were not official as the girls had just made these names up for fun.

Yeji stated her English name was “Lucy”.

Lia then introduced herself as “Julia” and said that “Lia” was really just a shortened version of Julia anyway. She also commented that it made her sound like a princess.

Unfortunately the names got worse from then on starting with Yuna who gave herself the unusual first name of “Hussey”.

Some fans thought she was saying José but she explained that she took it from the actress Olivia Hussey who portrayed Juliet in the 1968 film version of Romeo & Juliet.

Chaeryeong was embarrassed about revealing her name. However, when Lia pointed out that there was no way she could get more embarrassing than “Hussey”, Chaeryeong revealed her English name as “Judy”.

She explained that she had been calling herself “Judy” since she was much younger, hence why it was a bit embarrassing to reveal.

Last was Ryunjin who did not seem enthusiastic about revealing her name. Needless to say, fans consider her English name just as bad as “Hussey”.

The energetic dancer somehow ended up with the English name “Joanne”.

Following this, the other girls teased Yuna for picking such a strange name as “Hussey”. Chaeryeong joked that Yuna meant to call herself haksaeng or student.

But this teasing was not as savage as that from fans watching the live broadcast.

Yuna read out one particular comment in perfect English.

They are all someone’s grandma’s names

— Yuna

Chaeryeong was not impressed with this, exclaiming “Who are you? Hey!” and the other girls looked pretty embarrassed.

Fans have continued making fun of ITZY’s English names over social media.

In particular, they have been targeting “Joanne” and “Hussey”.

But regardless of what their English names are, fans of ITZY will always be supporting Judy, Joanne, Julia, Lucy and Hussey.