Fans Think NCT’s Jaemin And Namgoong Min Would Make The Perfect On-Screen Duo, Here’s Why

We’d love to see it!

NCT‘s Jaemin is known to have an uncanny resemblance to actor Namgoong Min, and their physical features aren’t where the similarities end; they’re both talented actors!

Jaemin made his official acting debut in 2019 with the web drama Method to Hate You and NCTzens have been hoping to see “Actor Jaemin” return ever since. He played the “tsundere” role of Han Dae Gang, a college student who appears cold on the outside but inside cares deeply for his loved ones.

While Jaemin totally aced this role, fans have been hoping to see him in darker dramas that would show off other sides to Jaemin’s acting. Jaemin himself previously said that he would like to play a “psycho.” He also mentioned actor Shin Ha Kyun‘s role in the 2011 medical drama Brain, where he played a renowned neurosurgeon obsessed with success.

Jaemin gave a little sneak peek at his “psycho” acting skills during NCT DREAM’s “XR LIVE” concert held earlier this week. Given the genre of “horror” and a single brush as a prop, Jaemin immediately channeled his character. Even his eyes completely transformed!

Jaemin’s resemblance to acclaimed actor Namgoong Min has been a topic of discussion for years. But now that Jaemin has shown off his acting abilities, fans are hoping to see Jaemin act in similar roles to Namgoong Min, or even to see the two work together!

Namgoong Min is known for his versatility: he amazed critics with his performance in the neo-noir film A Dirty Carnival (2006), went on to excel in the villainous serial killer role in The Girl Who Sees Smells (2015), and also received praise for the comedy drama Good Manager (2017). He currently stars in the drama The Veil as a respected field agent for the National Intelligence Service.

Fans are hoping to see the return of “Actor Jaemin” in a role similar to Namgoong Min’s villains and troubled geniuses — or even as his younger self or son! It would certainly mark an amazing opportunity for Jaemin to showcase his acting skills, and we’re sure he would ace it.

Source: Twitter and YouTube