Fans Think YG Entertainment’s New “Who’s Next?” Teaser Is Cursed… And They May Be Right

As crazy as it sounds, there’s some truth to it…

YG Entertainment recently dropped a “Who’s Next?” teaser on social media, indicating that one of the company’s artists will be coming back any day now. However, while the teaser should be sparking excitement, it’s actually sparking fear in many fans. Why? It’s all down to the “Who’s Next?” curse—the theory that YG Entertainment’s teasers are always followed by bad news.

Up until yesterday, three long years had passed since YG Entertainment last posted a “Who’s Next?” teaser, but the so-called “curse” has been in full effect since 2015.

The “Who’s Next?” curse all started back in 2014. On May 15 that year, YG Entertainment posted this “Who’s Next?” teaser to Twitter.

And just hours later, EXO fans got confirmation that Kris Wu would be leaving the group for good.

Kris Wu weeks before leaving EXO. | Waffles Club

The next instance of the curse came just a few months later. A “Who’s Next?” teaser was posted on October 6, 2014…

… Right after Jessica unexpectedly left Girls’ Generation.

Jessica’s last performance with Girls’ Generation.

Then, a few days later, Lee Joon and Thunder both left MBLAQ.

| High Cut

Fans hoped the curse would die out with 2014, but it only got worse. March 24, 2015 saw the arrival of a new “Who’s Next?” teaser from YG Entertainment.

And two days later, Seulong and Jinwoon both ended their contracts with JYP Entertainment, leaving 2AM.

If YG Entertainment noticed their curse, it certainly didn’t stop them. They posted yet another teaser on November 3, 2015.

Less than a week later, it was announced that Somin (now a member of KARD) had departed from APRIL.

Think it all ends there? Think again. As impossible as it sounds, numerous instances of “Who’s Next?” teaser have coincided with bad news in K-Pop.

A week after this teaser was posted on May 26, 2016, Jia left Miss A.

Shortly after that, 4MINUTE disbanded.

4MINUTE’s last song, “Hate”.

Another cursed teaser on October 5, 2016 came at the same time Sunhwa left Secret.

| TS Entertainment

Rainbow disbanded a week after the October 20, 2016 teaser was posted.

Then, Hoya left INFINITE just minutes after YG Entertainment posted this teaser on August 30, 2017.

With so many instances of the “Who’s Next?” curse, it’s no surprise fans just can’t believe it could be a coincidence. So, if you see news of another K-Pop departure any time soon, you may know just who to blame.

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