Fans Are Touched By The Bonding Between BigHit Artists As BTS Jimin And J-Hope Show Up To Support TXT At Lollapalooza

There was one more special guest in the crowd as well!

On July 30, TXT became the first ever K-Pop act to perform at Lollapalooza. The crowd reaction to their setlist was incredible, and to make this event more special, their beloved sunbaes, Jimin and J-Hope from BTS also showed up in the audience, hyping them up!

Fans noticed the two standing near the barricade, bopping to the songs happily. This supportive gesture has touched the hearts of many as they found the bond between the two groups very endearing.

It wasn’t just BTS members in the crowd supporting TXT, though. A lot of ARMYs showed up with their lightsticks to cheer for the boys as well. But even more surprisingly, the founder of Big Hit Music, Bang Si Hyuk himself was also in the audience with a major ‘supportive parent’ energy!

Though all the members of BTS and TXT share a lovable dynamic, J-Hope and Jimin have always been very vocal about how they adore their juniors, giving them nicknames and hyping their performances.

After their performance, Taehyun went live to talk to MOAs about their experience and expressed how grateful he was to see Jimin, J-Hope, and Bang PD attend the show.