Fans Demand Better Treatment And An Official Statement For NCT’s Winwin After Their Recent Beyond Live Concert

SM Entertainment has not spoken up officially on his position.

Fans treasure NCT and WayV‘s Winwin, for his endearing personality and character. Not only do fans absolutely adore him, the members are all known to love him as well. However, in light of the recent Beyond Live concert, fans have been calling for better treatment for Winwin once again.

Winwin’s prestige stems from pre-debut, with his studies in Beijing during middle school, despite originating from Wenzhou. He was always the valedictorian in middle school as he majored in Chinese dance, and graduated early within a mere two years. If that is not telling enough of his talents, he entered one of China’s top three performing arts schools with a competitive admission rate of 194:1, and was 10th place overall amongst entrants. He moved on the become first in Beijing’s Modern Dance Academy, which is known as China’s best modern dance school. He even topped the nation in one of their modern dance exams.

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Fans are lamenting that if SM Entertainment took hold of such a prized national talent, they should provide him with better treatment. It has been claimed that although he debuted in NCT 127 previously, the other members were prevented from talking about him on live broadcast for a period of time. He was also unable to be a part of NCT 127’s first solo concert.

Winwin’s parts used to average 3-5 seconds in a song when he was in NCT 127, despite him being a talented singer. Fans are also upset that he has never been allowed to accept awards with NCT 127 despite being a debut member.

Fans are claiming that although they are pleased Winwin is doing well in WayV, they are upset that the company seems to be trying to erase him from NCT 127’s records entirely. All hell broke loose when NCT 127 performed “Touch” during their joint live concert with the other NCT units, and Winwin was not included in the set, despite being present. “Touch” was originally a song by NCT 127 that Winwin was a part of.

Fans have commented as such.

  • “I wanted to believe that Winwin could not promote as part of NCT 127 as it clashed with promotions for WayV but I think SM just wants to remove Winwin from 127 at this point – that much is clear now. SM is going over the line. A “Touch” without Winwin? He was there but they took him out of it – that’s too much. Don’t treat it as if Winwin was never a part of 127. Winwin also said himself that he’s forever a part of 127.”
  • “We’d feel better if they put out an official statement but he’s not even officially removed from the group but they’re still trying to remove him from the records and prevent him from being mentioned, even removing him from performances. But if you search him up, he’s still a part of 127. And would Winwin feel good seeing another member singing a part that was once his? Would that member feel good? Would 127 feel good seeing a member that they spent time til debut with and grew attached to, being erased like that? Would the members that came in later feel good? What about the 127 members who want to promote with him in Korea but can’t mention it? They went back and forth 9 times to catch Winwin and now after debut they’re just being like whatever, is that it? Sometimes I even think what it would be like if Winwin just never entered SM. I don’t even hope that they change the system. But please release an official statement about Winwin’s Korean promotions.”
  • “I’m from another fandom…but reading this made me feel sad…I pressed up on this post as it reminded me of my bias. Winwin, I’ll cheer you on!”

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SM Entertainment has yet to speak up on the matter.

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