Fans Already Knew TWICE’s Comeback Was Near After Noticing the Members’ Brand New Hair Colors

Check out the TWICE members’ vibrant new hair colors.

TWICE‘s recent transformation led fans to believe that their comeback was near, and they turned out to be right!

The members recently shared photos and videos of themselves on their social media, and what drew particular attention was their brand new looks.


Nayeon showed off a short hairstyle that falls just above her shoulders.

As for Chaeyoung, she left quite the impression by just dying the front part of her hair ash green.

And Momo, Jeongyeon, and Mina bleached their hair to be blonde, while Jihyo added a pop of ash pink to hers.

From the looks of the photo, Tzuyu‘s hair is now red, and Sana is proving to be a bold queen in orange.

Despite the transformations of many TWICE members, Dahyun, who is famous for her bright hair colors, has yet to reveal her new do, eliciting even more curiosity among fans.

Normally, hair color transformation of idols means their comeback is near, which is why many fans were led to believe that it won’t be long before we see TWICE again.

And they were right, because just today, JYP confirmed that they are currently preparing for their next comeback.

TWICE is getting ready to film the music video of their new song. We’re still in discussion regarding the specifics of their comeback schedule. We’ll announce it as soon as it’s confirmed.

– JYP Entertainment

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