Fans Upset After Airport Attendant Flashes TWICE Dahyun’s Passport Towards Cameras

Fans are upset.

On December 29, 2019, TWICE was seen heading to Japan through Gimpo International Airport to head to the Hongbaek Family Competition. As Dahyun had her passport checked, cameras spotted a flight attendant flashing the idol’s passport towards reporters and fan’s cameras.

People were able to see the idol’s personal information with how the attendant opened the camera. With it visible to the cameras, fans were concerned for the idol’s safety, as now anyone there with a camera can easily zoom into the passport and analyze it.

Many fans became suspicious of the attendant, as she appeared to look up at the cameras facing Dahyun as she flipped through her passport. Netizens agree that the airport should fire the woman for the negligence of private information and inappropriate behavior.

Dahyun herself noticed her passport being flashed towards the camera and reached out to cover up her passport. People in the airport commented that the idol appeared visibly upset, but managed to keep her cool.

People were upset when videos and photos of the incident started making its rounds on the internet. Many defended Dahyun and wanted action from the airport.

The idol’s name is currently trending in numerous places worldwide, with no comment from Gimpo Airport nor JYP Entertainment as of now.