ZEROBASEONE’s Ricky Unable To Attend “2023 Asia Artist Awards”—Netizens Call Out WAKEONE Entertainment’s “Incompetence”

This isn’t the first time he’s had issues with traveling.

ZEROBASEONE (also known as ZB1) is among the star-studded lineup for The 2023 Asia Artist Awards (AAA), which will be held in the Philippines on December 14.

ZEROSES (ZEROBASEONE fans) and the members have long anticipated it. Yet, it has now been announced that one member will be missing.

Ricky | WAKEONE Entertainment

WAKEONE Entertainment released a statement announcing that Ricky will be unable to attend due to unresolved passport and visa issues. So, only eight members will be at the award show.

Hello, this is WAKEONE.

There has been an unexpected problem with ZEROBASEONE member Ricky’s passport and visa issuance. Therefore, Ricky will not be able to attend the ‘2023 Asia Artist Awards.’

We tried every possible solution so that Ricky could attend. However, it has been confirmed that Ricky will not be able to leave the country. Please be advised that the performance being held on the 14th for the ‘2023 Asia Artist Awards’ will be an eight-membered performance.We apologize to the fans for the confusion.

Regarding all future schedules, we would like to assure you that we’re doing everything in our power to make sure that ZEROBASEONE gets to continue promoting without running into any more problems. In the meantime, we please ask for your kind understanding.

Thank you.

— WAKEONE Entertainment

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ZEROSES are upset, saying that the company, WAKEONE Entertainment, neglected Ricky. They pointed out that ZEROBASEONE has long been scheduled to attend The 2023 Asia Artist Awards, and Ricky’s visa and passport should have been resolved during this time. They also remembered that in a previous live broadcast, other members excitedly talked about traveling for the event while Ricky appeared quiet as if he knew already he wouldn’t be able to go.


Aaa’s announcement was months ago, how could they not solve the problem all this time #wakeone #zb1 #ricky

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This isn’t the first time such a situation has occurred. Ricky was left behind at the airport in June due to similar issues. So, ZEROSES are calling out WAKEONE Entertainment for “incompetence.”

ZEROSES have noticed many instances where it appeared Ricky had been mistreated. Read more below.

Netizens Express Anger At ZEROBASEONE Ricky’s “Erasure” From Recent Group Content

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