Fans Flood YG Entertainment’s Inbox As They Urge Company To “Take Action” In Protecting BLACKPINK’s Jennie

“We are hoping for an immediate and effective response.”

After Dispatch revealed that BLACKPINK‘s Jennie has been in a relationship with BIGBANG‘s G-Dragon, fans have taken to social media to offer support for them online. Additionally, they have been urging YG Entertainment to protect their artists.


BLINKs (BLACKPINK’s fandom) are concerned for the safety, health, and privacy of Jennie, especially since noticing her absence from social media. She is usually active online, posting to her Instagram story everyday. While the rest of BLACKPINK have been posting on Instagram, Jennie is no longer posting regularly. BLINKs are worried that this is as a result of the current situation.

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Since her personal life was exposed, negative backlash has drowned out the positive. Fans explained in email to YG Entertainment, “The hatred she receives every day has doubled and even tripled within hours after the news.” 

Many of BLINKs are concerned that the artist’s privacy is being invaded and believe that the company should take responsibility. At this time, YG Entertainment has only issued short statement essentially saying that they “can’t confirm anything.” 

Fans are saying that this response was insufficient and that the silence is causing hatred. They further explained that due to BLACKPINK’s popularity, Jennie has actually been stalked for years with the intention to find gossip on her.

We hope you are aware that the artist has been stalked by a few guys for nearly three years. They followed her very closely enough to know exactly what her routine was as soon as she left her house. She is a celebrity and her life may always be under public scrutiny, but she still has a private life that should be protected as an individual.

— Fans’ mass email template

As a result, many fan accounts are using their platform to raise awareness for the issue, send tweets and messages of encouragement to Jennie herself, and email YG Entertainment.

We hope that you stop this neglect and make a statement as soon as possible regarding your active protection against your artist, especially Jenny. Stalking entertainers is a crime. Letting go of crime is another crime. We are hoping for an immediate and effective response.

— Fans’ mass email template

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Since fans announced their plan of sending mass emails to the company, YG Entertainment’s various email inboxes have become full.

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