Fans Slam Victoria’s Choreographer for Not Doing Her Dancing Abilities Justice

“Is she sledding?” – Netizens

f(x)‘s Victoria, who is currently active as Victoria Song in China, came out with a new music video, but fans can’t help but express their disappointment.

In the music video titled, “Up To Me”, Victoria showed off a colorful wardrobe that flattered her stunning figure.

And despite her having taken time off for acting, it was clear she wasn’t rusty in any aspect of her singing or dancing.

But fans are slamming Victoria’s choreographer for not doing her dancing abilities justice.

During her time with f(x), she was famous for her beautiful dance lines.

However, fans are criticizing the choreography in “Up To Me”, claiming the choreography is repetitive and some are even comparing one of the moves to “sledding through the snow.

As much as fans were looking forward to this comeback, they’re showing mixed reactions to the undeniably catchy song.

Check out Victoria’s new music video below:

Source: Dispatch