Fans Want Kim Junsu On Music Bank And KBS Responded Why “It’s Complicated”

When will we see him on our tv’s again…

Kim Junsu, who also goes by his stage name XIA, recently came back with a new album and naturally, fans want to see him perform live. The famous singer and member of JYJ has been requested to be featured on KBS‘s Music Bank numerous times, but there has been no success. Well, KBS finally responded and explained why it’s complicated.

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Junsu was formerly a TVXQ member, having left the group back in 2009 in perhaps one of K-Pop’s messiest scandals. After claiming that their 13 year contract with SM Entertainment was too long, Junsu, along with former TVXQ members Yoochun and Jaejoong filed a lawsuit against their former label. This eventually led to the three former members terminating their contracts with SM and later, coming together to form JYJ. While it’s been 11 years since this all happened, fans believe that this is the reason why the members of JYJ are still not allowed on any Korean broadcasting stations.

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Which brings us back to current day. Junsu’s fans have been petitioning to get the singer featured as an artist on KBS’s Music Bank. This would give Junsu a chance to promote his new album and perform for his fans, while his fans could finally see their beloved idol back on their screens. KBS has officially responded, however, as to why it’s complicated.

Music bank is a program that calculates the rankings according to music sales, album sales, broadcast views, and viewer preferences throughout the week. Due to this, we cannot say whether or not an artist will make an appearance on the show. It’s also difficult to disclose why some artists do not get to promote on our show.


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They continued on to explain their selection process and how their program chooses the artists that are featured on their show.

Choosing certain artists to be on our program unfortunately eliminates others who could have been on our show. If we try to explain why some are chosen over others, however, it won’t look good for either side. With that said, KBS is going to work harder and try to give chances to different artists in the future. Thank you.


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It’s incredible hearing Junsu’s angelic voice again and we are grateful that he is continuing to share his talent with his fans. We hope to see him perform live on the numerous Korean broadcasting shows available in the country but until then, check out the music video for his new song, “Pit A Pat” down below.