Fans Worried For IZ*ONE After They Could Barely Keep Their Eyes Open During A Live Show

Fans are worried they haven’t been getting sleep.

During IZ*ONE‘s promotions for their Japanese song “Buenos Aires”, their schedules were booked with numerous appearances, and fans were worried they were being overworked after footage of them closing their eyes, spacing out, and struggling to open their eyes went viral.

Specifically, Kang Hyewon was seen with her eyes closed for extended periods and was constantly lowering her eyes and spacing out. Many fans were worried about her and hoped she could take some time to rest.

And though Ahn Yujin was seen smiling, her eyes were also seen lowering, though she fought hard not to fall asleep.

WIZ*ONEs have said that though they look cute, they feel bad for them. Fans say that the girls are all so young but have so many schedules, they must only have 3-4 hours to sleep. Some have also said that the Korean members who don’t speak Japanese must have felt sleepier since they can’t understand what is being spoken about.