Red Velvet Joy Nearly Injures Herself During Live Performance Of “Rookie”

Red Velvet’s Joy was recently captured on video nearly injuring herself after she lost her balance during a recent performance of “Rookie”. 

On February 4th, Red Velvet began promoting their comeback for their new title track “Rookie,” as well as a special stage performance of  “Little Little” on MBC’s Music Core. At one point during their performance, however, Joy looked a bit stunned after she nearly injured herself during a turn. She seems to her balance and nearly fall to the ground.  Fortunately, she was able to maintain her stance and continued with the rest of the choreography naturally.

She tilts over after the turn, before smoothly sliding her hand down and around to recover the move.

The small accident gave strength Red Velvet’s recent confession that their choreography for “Rookie” was one of their hardest yet. Yeri talked about on a recent radio program and described the choreography incredibly difficult. This difficulty was so much so, that it even made her throw up during rehearsals.

There are speculations that Joy may have been ill at the time, given that her expression seemed hardened compared to her usual performances where she is seen smiling constantly.

Catch the full performance below:

Source: Dispatch