Red Velvet Yeri Reveals She Nearly Vomited Because Of “Rookie”

Red Velvet just returned to promote their new track, but the members have already expressed the difficulty in their latest comeback. 

On February 2nd, Red Velvet were guests on radio program Cultwo Show, where they promoted their latest track, “Rookie.” During the appearance, they talked about the difficulty they’ve been facing already during their comeback promotions, and admitted that “the choreography in ‘Rookie’ is harder than our other songs.” 

Yeri went on to reveal that the choreography was incredibly difficult and even makes them want to throw up during rehearsals. Despite sharing the confession in a lighthearted manner, Irene went on to add,

It’s harder because there’s so much lyrics. There are parts where we have a hard time controlling our expressions.” 

– Irene

“Rookie” is indeed an upbeat track released by the group last January 31st. A glimpse of their intricate choreography also matched the pace of the track which was ultimately the main reason behind the members’ complaints.

Have a feel of the fast-paced vibe of the music video below:


Source: DailySports