Fans Worry For Stray Kid’s Lee Know After His Performance Atop A Building Despite His Fear Of Heights

Fans are so proud!

Stray Kids recently performed “Thunderous” at the Changwon K-Pop Festival on October 15.  While the boys pulled off an amazing performance, many fans were worried about member Lee Know in particular. Lee Know’s greatest fear is known to be heights. However, the team performed on one of the highest open rooftops in Seoul.

They were perched atop the Fairmont building on an open-air stage.

Fans were even more worried to see that there had been some water droplets across the stage. While wet stages are dangerous enough on normal ground, way up high, it could be murdurous.

Fans comforted Lee Know after the performance and praised him for conquering his fear.

  • “Minho, you’ve worked hard. You must’ve been scared due to your acrophobia… Skiz, you’ve worked hard, get some rest~”
  • “Just being up there would’ve been terrifying and taking a single step would be so heavy but you did it in the end today… So proud of you, Lee Know. I’m crying…”
  • “Lee Know would’ve been scared due to his acrophobia… But you worked hard, and did well, Lee Know!”
  • “At the intro I was like, our kids are legendary!!! at first but my heart ached for Lee Know. The ending part where everyone jumped but only Lee Know and Han couldn’t.”

Fans must be so proud of you Lee Know! Good work to Stray Kids for keeping things professional despite their fears. Catch the performance below to show your support.

Source: pann

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