Fantagio Entertainment Moves Into The Old SM Entertainment Building

ASTRO was seen using the practice room.

SM Entertainment recently moved their office to a swanky new high rise in Kwangya- we mean, Seongsu-dong. Seongsu-dong is an up-and-coming business and leisure district in Seoul and is slated to become one of the most affluent districts as it is being redeveloped. Although previously, it was filled with factories and such, a few of the most expensive luxury apartments such as Seoul Forest Trimage, are now located there. Trimage is home to Girls’ Generation‘s Sunny and Taeyeon, while BTS‘s Jungkook and J-Hope are known to own units there.

Fans were just about missing the iconic old SM Entertainment building and its underground practice room when they spotted a very familiar background in ASTRO MJ‘s vlog.

| ASTRO Official/YouTube

Looks familiar? The practice room has often appeared in many of SM Entertainment artists’ dance practice videos and vlogs. Below is from NCT Dream.


Fans were even more puzzled when ASTRO’s Moonbin shared quick mirror selfie of him in the practice room.

The room is one where many SM Entertainment artists have frequented. Here’s NCT and WayV‘s Ten in the same room.

Fans also witnessed a Weki Meki music video played on the LED screen of the building.

Upon further research, a quick Naver maps search of Fantagio Entertainment pinned their address as the SM Entertainment old building in Cheongdam-dong. The street view still shows the building with SM Entertainment’s logo.

On KOSCOM, a business registration site, Fantagio Entertainment also updated a change in their address from their original one located at Yeoksam-ro to the new one along Samsung-ro, which is where the Cheongdam building is.

The change took place on paper in September, but we suppose it took some time for everything to settle in place. The building was originally not owned by SM Entertainment but leased to them. It is said that the other floors now may not be occupied by Fantagio Entertainment even! According to the KOSCOM notice, their main office is on the second floor while the iconic practice room is in the basement. It is possible that Fantagio Entertainment only rented out a few floors.

Regradless, we’re just happy to be able to witness more history being made in the iconic practice room.

Source: theqoo