Fantagio Sets Up New Memorial Space For ASTRO’s Moonbin Lasting Until April 30

The memorial will be open until April 30.

Fantagio has set up an additional memorial space for fans to pay their respects to ASTRO’Moonbin at their corporate building.

In a statement shared on ASTRO’s official fancafe, Fantagio shared that they have prepared a memorial space for AROHA to visit and they will make sure to take care of the letters that fans leave.

This is Fantagio. We have prepared an additional memorial space for AROHA to visit at Fantagio’s building to make sure there is a comfortable space for the fans who have come a long way.

The memorial space can be visited until April 30 (Sunday), so please use the space as much as you can.

All letters and gifts left at the memorial will be taken care of with precious care. Letters and notes will be collected periodically and stored so that they can be stored without damage.

We have prepared staff and signboards to guide visitors to the location when they arrive at the building, so AROHA who visit should refer to those when visiting.

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to AROHA, who are always with ASTRO.

— Fantagio

Fans had previously already set up a memorial at the front of Fantagio’s building following the news of Moonbin’s passing.


Fantagio also set up a memorial in the parking lot, as the building Fantagio is in also has stores on the first floor. Due to this, Fantagio was unable to keep the memorial at the front of the building up long-term.

Source: Fantagio


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