Fantagio Is In Deep Trouble, And Here Are All The Groups That Could End Because Of It

Fantagio did not start the New Year on a good note.

Fantagio welcomed 2018 with major disruptions in their agencies that already affected activities planned for their talents such as Seo Kang Joon, Weki Meki and more.

It all started when the agency’s major shareholder, JC Group, decided to remove CEO Na Byeong Joon from his position and blocked all of their company’s business credit cards.

In response to this, current managers and employees held an emergency response committee, which threatened a strike if certain conditions were not met. Currently, without access to the company cards, managers and artists are not able to cover daily expenses such as food and transportation.

Fantagio Entertainment May Go On Strike After Chinese Shareholders Fire Their CEO

Fantagio Entertainment holds an impressive artist roster that could be majorly affected by all this turmoil.

Although Fantagio Music is separate from Fantagio to a certain extent, the impact can still be felt in the organization of their activities and has created an unsettling vibe in their agency.

Weki Meki just debut last year but their much-awaited comeback has already been pushed back under these circumstances. It was speculated that the group was already in the final stages of preparing for their album but faced uncertainty.  A representative from the agency stated that their comeback has been postponed indefinitely in light of their agency’s internal issues.

ASTRO’s special album is scheduled for a January 10 release and thankfully was not affected, but this could be due to the fact that there are no promotions planned for it.

The last time Hello Venus promoted as a group was in early 2017. Fans are worried that the internal dispute may further extend their hiatus.

However, it’s not only the idol groups that are affected as day to day activities of actors and actresses are under pressure because of this issue.

Currently, Kim Sung Kyun is appearing on JTBC’s “Untouchable” while Kang Hanna is appearing on “Just Between Lovers”. Both are being filmed in Busan and are significantly affected by the cost shunting not only in food and lodging but also in traveling between film sites.

Lee Tae Hwan is also in the middle of filming My Good Life, a program that has a 40% audience rating. Seo Kang Joon and Kang Tae Oh are also due to start filming for their new projects next week and the logistics of fulfilling their commitments are causing quite a crisis.

In addition to drama projects and films, advertisements and event schedules were also disrupted.

JC Group has only made this statement in regards to all this:

“We value the professionalism of Korean entertainers and entertainment companies and the artists of Fantagio. We are going to change the CEO this year by seeking a new breakthrough by improving the budget deficit and strengthening business cooperation with the parent company.

We recalled corporate cards due to excessive expenses from some executives. We will soon give new corporate cards to our employees.”

-JC Group

Source: Star Today, Sports Chosun, Osen and Pann