Fan-taken photos reveal just how popular TWICE really is in Japan

TWICE held their first hi-touch event in just right outside Tokyo, and the amount of ONCEs who showed up was jaw-dropping. 

Photo: @misayeon

The event took place in Makuhari Messe, one of the largest convention centers in all of Japan, but even a venue that big wasn’t enough for TWICE’s incredible popularity. 

Photo: @pengjeongnam_

Fans stood in line in the scorching heat and humidity, and the line was so long that it eventually stretched over an overpass!

Photo: @twice_advance

Inside the venue, thousands of fans were lined up waiting for their chance to meet TWICE. 

Photo: @once_Dubu

And among those fans included famous Japanese celebrities too!

The hi-touch event is part of TWICE’s #TWICE album promotions, as TWICE’s thank you to Japanese fans for helping support their debut. 

With Their Grand Debut, TWICE Has Already Become A Top Artist In Japan

The chance to participate in the hi-touch was based on photocards from TWICE’s #TWICE album, with hi-touch tickets correlating to the photocards.

Photo: @hiraimyouis

While the price for a hi-touch was quite steep because of how incredibly popular TWICE is.

TWICE Japanese Photocards Are Selling For $100 USD

But some dedicated fans were able to obtain multiple tickets and meet several of the members!

Before the event started, TWICE came out to greet their fans, who had been patiently waiting to finally see them.

And as soon as the event started, the venue was full to the brim with eager ONCEs. 

Photo: @OnceHiroshima

The venue was sectioned off with individual lines for each member, and every single line was packed with adoring ONCEs!

Photo: @once_Dubu

Despite how great the demand was, the event ran incredibly smoothly, with fans organizing calmly and effectively.

Photo: @TWICE_MINA0324

Some fan groups even organized events in order to create greater harmony among fans!

The event really showed just how popular TWICE is getting in Japan, and how many fans would do anything to see them. 

Photo: @maru77119

TWICE has sold over 200,000 copies of #TWICE so far, and tens of thousands of fans attended the event!

Photo: @misayeon

As expected from Asia’s #1 girl group!