“Fantastic Beasts” Twitter Under Fire For Mistaking Another Asian Actress As Claudia Kim

Not all Asians look alike.

One of “Fantastic Beasts” movie series Twitter by the handle of @BeastsMovieUK uploaded a Tweet celebrating the cast gracing the red carpet of its UK premiere.


However, fans quickly realized that although the Tweet mentions Claudia Kim as arriving on the carpet, the photo wasn’t her at all!


The post contained an image of Mirei Kiritani, a Japanese actress who also attended the premiere. Mirei Kiritani also wore a black dress but the difference between Claudia Kim and her was clear as day.


Fans pointed out the mistake, deeming the act as racist and disrespectful to both actresses. @BeastsMovieUK soon took down their original Tweet and re-uploaded it with the correct photo of Claudia Kim.


Fans are still unhappy as they believe the account needs to apologize to Claudia Kim for the disrespect.


This isn’t the first time Claudia Kim has been wrapped up in racist controversies during her promotions for the movie. Most recently, fans were enraged when a reporter asked Claudia an interview question with underlying racial tones.


Regardless of the happenings, Claudia Kim seems to remain unbothered as she continues to happily promote the release of “Fantastic Beasts 2: Crimes of Grindelwald”.