10 Fashion Moments From BTS’s Jin That Made Him Look Like The Perfect College “Sunbae”

If only such “sunbaes” existed in our schools.

BTS‘s Jin is well known as Mr. Worldwide Handsome, but he should most definitely also be given an award for fashion. He has pulled off some of the most “boyfriend” looks to date. Here are 10 moments where he looked like he stepped out of a college drama about a hot sunbae.

1. Leather looks

He looked gorgeous in this leather biker jacket, jazzed up with the dangling earring.

2. Casual fit

Not anyone can pull off such a simple striped t-shirt, but he has the shoulders for it!

3. Engineering school oppa?

As they say, the striped shirt is a trademark of those studying engineering. What do you think, does he look the part?

4. All black

Even a mask cannot hide his beauty.

5. Denim vintage

His denim jacket gives a nice vintage touch with its unique print and texture.

6. Absolutely adorable

He looks like a just finished an early morning exam after pulling an all-nighter.

7. Pink, pink, pink!

We love how the oversized hoodie strings add a funky touch to the otherwise basic look.

8. Natural look

He truly looks like he’s headed for a day of classes in college with his fluffy hair and a plain white t-shirt layered underneath a simple jacket.

9. Bumblebee

Jin sure loves his striped shirts!

10. Special occasion

Last but not least, here’s Jin in a semi-formal outfit. He dressed down the chic blazer with a t-shirt and straight-cut slacks.

Although his fashion sense is impeccable, we have to admit that the ages-old Korean adage, “the face completes the fashion” is absolutely valid when it comes to him!

Source: theqoo


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