Fatou Addresses BLACKSWAN’s “Final Line-Up,” Seemingly Confirming Leia’s Departure From The Group

After frequent changes, Fatou reassures fans about the group’s final line-up.

BLACKSWAN‘s leader Fatou recently addressed fans’ concerns regarding whether the group’s line-up may change in the future after undergoing multiple line-up changes since their debut.

(From left:) BLACKSWAN’s Gabi, NVee, Fatou, and Sriya | @blackswan__official/Instagram

On October 16, 2020, BP RaNia rebranded as BLACKSWAN, a multi-national girl group that debuted with members HyemeYoungheun, Fatou, Judy, and Leia.

Hyeme left the group one month after their debut, and new members Gabi and Sriya joined in 2022.

BLACKSWAN’s Sriya (left) and Gabi (right) | DR Music

Shortly after the addition of the two new members, Youngheun and Judy confirmed they would also be leaving the group.

In November 2022, it was announced by BLACKSWAN’s company, DR Music, that member Leia would be going on hiatus in order to focus on her health.

BLACKSWAN’s Leia | DR Music

A month after the announcement of Leia’s hiatus, new member NVee joined the group.

In May 2023, BLACKSWAN made their long-awaited comeback as four members with “Karma,” making it the first comeback that Fatou was joined by new members NVee, Sriya, and Gabi.

| DR Music

After the multiple line-up changes, many LUMINAs (BLACKSWAN fans) were worried about possible changes to the line-up in the future, as many enjoyed the chemistry and talent displayed between the four currently active members.

Fatou took to Veeper, a mobile audio messenger app, to directly address fans’ concerns.

I saw some of you guys worrying about there being new BLACKSWAN members, but believe me, the four of us are the final line-up for BLACKSWAN.


BLACKSWAN’s Fatou | @b_fatou_s/Instagram

After confirming that Fatou, Gabi, Sriya, and NVee would be the group’s final line-up, Fatou reiterated that fans don’t need to worry about more members being added and again stated the group would remain as four.

Don’t worry about new members coming in, it’s just the four of us forever.


Member Leia went on hiatus in November 2022, and there has been no official statement from DR Music or Leia regarding her status with the group at this time.

After Fatou’s Veeper message emphasized a four-member line-up, many believed that she was seemingly confirming that Leia had left the group.

LUMINAs reacted to the news, with many celebrating having a set line-up after falling for the current members’ close connection and charm.