“The Feels” MV Is Different Than All Of TWICE’s Other Music Videos In One Important Way

Did you notice?

“The Feels” is TWICE’s first entirely English language single, and so far, it’s been blowing everyone away. The song has ONCEs excited for the girls’ future, from the fun disco moves to its catchy chorus. Not only was this song TWICE’s first foray into a fully English track, but it turns out that this MV marks another first for the group.

TWICE is known for their excellent dance moves, and this comeback marks the first time they’ve shared those moves on screen. “It was our first time having backup dancers,” Tzuyu told Glamour during an interview about the group’s discography.

Backup dancers have accompanied the group on tour or for large stages before but never in one of their MVs. You can see these dancers during the prom scenes in the video, most notably during Chaeyoung’s rap.

While some might be intimidated by such a change, TWICE embraced it wholeheartedly. “In the music video, we had a prom scene, and the dancers also dressed up. It made me want to attend a prom myself,” explained Tzuyu.

On top of sharing the screen, TWICE also shared a very small space with all of these dancers, according to Dahyun, who said, “The dancing scene was filmed at a small space with other dancers, so the energy built up quickly.

Some may find this overwhelming but TWICE let this sudden influx of dancers boost the mood. With this, they were able to create lasting memories.

We made a circle and freestyle danced which made things extremely fun. I didn’t feel like we were working at all, but felt like we were having a good time, enjoying the moment together. I really felt like I was at a dance party.


Did you notice this when watching the MV for “The Feels”? Does this change anything about the energy? Let us know, and to see more from TWICE’s “The Feels” promotions, check out the article below:

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Source: Glamour Interview