These Are The Super Relatable Ways TWICE Has Each Other’s Names Saved In Their Phones

Who is “Thief Cat?”

TWICE has recently made their first English language comeback with “The Feels” which means that ONCEs are in for some unique, new content from the group as they continue to promote this release. One of the most exciting interviews so far was TWICE’s first appearance at Twitter‘s Blue Room.

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While doing this interview, TWICE did a fan Q&A where curious ONCEs could ask the group whatever they wanted. One ONCE asked, “How are you saved on each other’s phones?”

Some of the girls initially admitted that they didn’t even remember what they had named each other on their phones. Jihyo followed this up by adding that she saved the members’ names as simple as possible. “Actually, everyone’s name is just… Momo, Mina, Chaeyoung…” she explained as she looked down the line.

These basic answers would not do, and so they decided to see if anyone had any more elaborate naming schemes on their phones.

This inspired Nayeon, who remembered that she had Chaeyoung nicknamed in her phone as “Thief Cat.”

Momo shared that she forgoes the nickname method and instead uses emojis (specifically hearts) to denote people important to her.

Tzuyu chimed in that she also had a special heart to put next to the names of her members.

Most relatable, Jihyo shared Jeongyeon‘s method (who couldn’t be with the group for the interview). “Jeongyeon’s phone is so upsetting,” she shared, “It says ‘TWICE JIHYO.’” This is a long-held contact naming method for people who keep things professional, which may be why Jihyo was shocked.

However, even with all these cute names and fun emojis, we can’t help but relate to Jihyo when she said, “When I change the names, I can’t find it later.”

Did any of these names surprise you? Which TWICE member are you most like when you save contacts? Let us know, and to read more from their “The Feels” comeback, check out the article below:

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