Here’s Why “The Feels” Is TWICE’s Most Challenging Comeback According To The Members

Knowing how much work they put in gives us “The Feels!”

TWICE‘s first English language single, “The Feels”, has ONCEs all over the world impressed. From the song’s catchy lyrics to its powerful dance moves, it’s hard not to catch “the feels” for this bop. According to the members of TWICE, the song itself was hardwon and took a lot more effort than you hear on the recording or see in the MV.

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During their first-ever India interview with Bollywood Hungama, TWICE shared the process behind making the disco track and what made this song so different to record.

TWICE | Bollywood Hungama

When discussing how long it usually takes to put together a comeback, Sana revealed the difference in time “The Feels” had versus other TWICE comebacks.

For this single, specifically, we had a very short period of time compared to other albums to put everything together, from the recording process to the choreography practicing. Since we knew that we only had a limited amount of time, we put in extra effort to prepare for this comeback and amaze our fans.


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On top of this shortened schedule, TWICE also had to sing in a less familiar language. To make sure the recordings were perfect, Sana said the members “held online meetings with our team in the United States who coached us through the details of our pronunciations.”

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However, this new language seemed the toughest for Momo, who likened it to past recording experiences.

Compared to our Korean or Japanese songs, the recording process was harder. However, I practiced hard day and night with our members to deliver the best result for our fans.


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Even though Momo is more nervous about this comeback than usual, she revealed she feels safe because “I know that ONCE will always have our back, so I feel very supported.”

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These difficulties might be expected; the group faced one less expected dilemma when working on “The Feels”, the concept. While TWICE has done many teen concepts, prom is entirely foreign. According to Mina, the group was up to the task.

Because prom is a culture that we have not experienced before, we were excited to try on this new concept and achieve our dream of attending a prom as a student. I hope ONCEs enjoy this fun and bubbly concept.


It’s clear that TWICE put in their most significant effort to ensure an excellent first English language song for ONCE. To read more about details you might’ve missed in “The Feels”, check out the article below:

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Source: Bollywood Hungama