Here’s The Hidden Meaning Behind The Numbers On TWICE’s “The Feels” Uniforms

ONCEs definitely recognize these numbers.

After much anticipation, TWICE has released their first English language single, “The Feels” and it’s safe to say that ONCEs are obsessed with the fun, dance-pop track. This love for the song and accompanying MV have fans curious about some of the more minor details that make it great.


In the MV, TWICE wear cheer-inspired uniforms with different numbers emblazoned for each member. These numbers have a history with the group that goes back long before the release of “The Feels”. Here is the meaning behind each members’ number of choices.

1. Nayeon- 9

Nayeon proudly wears 9 on her uniform for both practical and sentimental reasons. Nayeon chose the number, in part because her birthday is in September, which is the ninth month of the year. Nayeon also chose 9 because it represents the number of members TWICE has. What a smart and sweet reason!

2. Jeongyeon- 0

Jeongyeon has always been known for her strong wit and clever comebacks, and her choice of number is no exception. While zero could have many meanings, Jeongyeon chose the number because she had no favorite number when she was asked to pick!

3. Momo- 64

Momo has the most sentimental reason behind having the largest number in the group. 64 happens to be the number her father wears on his jersey when he plays football, so she wears the number for her dad. Momo is such a sweet daughter.

4. Jihyo- 21

Once you learn Jihyo‘s reason for picking her number, you’ll never forget her birthday again. While the number looks like 21, it would be more accurate to split it up into 2 and 1. This represents February 1st, Jihyo’s birthday.

5. Sana- 12

The story behind Sana‘s choice of number is quite interesting. Like many members, she picked “12” because the number represents her birth month of December, but that wasn’t always her intention. She initially wanted the number “37”, but another member had already claimed it!

6. Mina- 37

The member with the 37 is none other than Mina. Her reason for this choice is multilingual. In Japanese, the 3 can be pronounced as “Mi,” and the 7 can be pronounced as “Na”. This means that Mina has been rocking her name this whole time.

7. Dahyun- 7

Dahyun has some pretty cool logic behind 7 becoming her favorite number. Not only is she the 7th oldest member of TWICE, but she also became a member of TWICE on July 7th or 7/7. If she ever has to pick numbers again, it seems like lucky 7 is the best choice.

8. Chaeyoung- 29

Chaeyoung is similar to Jihyo in that her number isn’t meant to be 29 but 2 and 9. The 2 represents TWICE, while the 9 represents the number of members. Finally, it’s time for a little bit of math. What’s the answer to 2*9? 18! This is the age Chaeyoung was when she chose this number. Talk about clever.

9. Tzuyu- 25

Tzuyu has the most straightforward logic amongst her members for choosing the number 25. While there are a million potential explanations, Tzuyu just thinks it’s a cool number. She doesn’t need any other reason!

Did you know the history behind the numbers on TWICE’s uniforms? Let us know, and to read more about their recent “The Feels” comeback, check out the article below:

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