Fellow celebrities support Peniel for his brave confession on broadcast

Hair loss is definitely a hard thing to talk about for young men, especially when you’re an Idol. Peniel has done exactly that however, and has received a round of applause from his fellow celebrities. 

On  November 14th, Peniel received an instantaneous response to his confession on Hello Counselor. He was the first idol to talk about stress-related hair loss as he explained the true reason behind his shaved look. During the segment, he confessed that his condition had reached a point where treatment was no longer possible. This decision inspired him to shave his hair completely for BTOB’s comeback.

Peniel immediately rose to the top of real-time searches and social networking sites in South Korea and even garnered messages of support and praise from fans and netizens.

Peniel’s Twitter account was also flooded with praise from fellow celebrities. Sam Hammington, San-E, Park Ji Min, and B.A.P’s Himchan all commended Peniel for his bravery on air.

Sam Hammington: “Peniel is so brave. He’s such an awesome friend. It was probably hard for him to make the confession on air. I will continue to cheer for you”

San-E: “Peniel is so confident and awesome. I’m so thankful towards him but I don’t think I have been able to express it as much as I should have. I’m sorry”

B.A.P’s Himchan: “I’ve known this for a while and have been worried seeing it progress but Dong Geun Im‘ so proud of you. You’re awesome Peniel.” 

Peniel’s fellow BTOB members also acknowledged his bravery and posted heartwarming messages in support of him on their Instagram accounts.

Also, despite Peniel having berated Eunkwang for always joking about his shaved head, the BTOB leader dedicated this post to him, showing that he sincerely cares. The picture is a selfie he took with Peniel and the caption reads, “Peniel, I love you <3.”

Sungjae, BTOB‘s maknae, also posted a photo of him and Peniel behind the scenes of their 7th Mini Album jacket shoot. Sungjae takes the post to another emotional level by writing his message in English, as Peniel is Korean-American. The sweet message reads, “peniel, you got the sweetest heart in the world. We got your back, just stay with us as you are.”

BTOB‘s Peniel responded by reposting both posts and thanking each member for thinking of him. He lets Eunkwang know that he loves him too, even though he couldn’t directly say it. Peniel lets Sungjae know how much it meant to him for him to write the message in English, knowing that it probably was difficult for a non-native English speaker.

Meanwhile, he joins the rest of BTOB for their ongoing promotions for “I’ll Be Your Man.”

Source: Dispatch