Female Dancer From Popular B-Boying Team Jinjo Crew Sexually Harassed By Two Other Members

The team’s leader posted a detailed explanation of where the crew stands on this matter.

On August 29 (KST), Kim Heon Joon, the leader of the world-renowned South Korean b-boying team, Jinjo Crew, posted a lengthy apology online revealing the expulsion of two of its members for sexually assaulting and harassing one of their former female dancers, identified as “A.”

The Jinjo Crew | @jinjo_official/Instagram

For those unfamiliar with the dance team, Jinjo Crew was formed in 2001 and has since won many accolades, cementing their name as a world-class b-boying team. In 2021, they won the Battle of the Year in the crew battle category. They gained further recognition by winning JTBC’s “Showdown” in 2022.

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The group’s leader recently revealed through an Instagram post that their ex-crewmate “A” claimed she was sexually assaulted by a male crew member, “B,” on November 30, 2019. She was again sexually harassed by another male crew member, “C,” on February 5, 2022, through an online post. After her complaints, “B” was expelled from the team by August 27, while “C” was removed by August 29.

The crew leader offered a detailed explanation of the process followed for the expulsions. He said that “B” was removed right after the accusation against him was brought in, and the issue was resolved without any further complications. But in the case of “C,” the crew attempted to hear both parties’ stories after the complaint. But there were conflicting claims from both sides. “A” and “C” were then ordered to be separated, and though the decision to remove him from the team came eventually, it wasn’t as immediate as for “B.”

Kim Heon Joon | Korean Breaking Federation

Kim Heon Joon formally apologized to “A” in his statement for the delay in making a decision about “C.” But he also denied the claims made by “A” about the crew “defending” the accused or that any further sexual harassment happened during team meetings.

Finally, Kim mentioned that the Jinjo Crew is going to temporarily halt their activities for now, and the team will be pursuing legal action against the spread of false information. They also intend to take legal action against “C” for damaging the team’s reputation if the accusations against him are proven true through a formal investigation.

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