Female North Korean Soldiers Live In Brutal Conditions…Their Periods Stop and They Get Raped Constantly

The horror stories of conditions for North Korean soldiers, citizens, and prisoners alike are nearly endless…

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But if you thought life was bad for male North Korean soldiers, the conditions for female soldiers are allegedly far worse.

Women above the age of 18 are conscripted for a 7-year service, during which they suffer from malnutrition, rape (and other forms of sexual assault), and appalling living conditions.

“The company commander would stay in his room at the unit after hours and rape the female soldiers under his command. This would happen over and over without an end.”

— Lee So Yeon

In an interview with the BBC, former female soldier Lee So Yeon, who defected more than a decade ago, described the horrors on the base.

“The mattresses we slept on were made of rice husks, so all the body odor would seep into the mattress. They weren’t made of cotton. Because they were made of rice husks, all the odor from sweat and other smells were there; it wasn’t pleasant.”

— Lee So Yeon

Sadly, the soldiers also reportedly cheered when their menstruation cycles stopped due to malnutrition because it was one less thing to worry about.

“After six months to a year of service, we wouldn’t menstruate anymore because of malnutrition and the stressful environment.”

— Lee So Yeon

On top of it all, the women were also expected to cook and clean in addition to their regular duties.

Although, perhaps this last fact is not all that surprising considering North Korea’s latest controversial legislation.

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Source: YonHap News