Two Female Teens Arrested After Leaving A Package Of Suspected Drugs In A Taxi

They were taken into custody after the taxi driver reported them.

On August 10, it was reported that two females in their teen’s were arrested on drug possession suspicions. The Gangnam Police Station in Seoul confirmed that they were investigating the two teenage women on possible drug charges.

CCTV footage of the two female teen’s provided by Yonhap News.

The two females were reported by a taxi driver after they left behind a package of suspected drugs in the taxi. They were pursued by the police not too long after the driver’s 911 call.

It is currently unknown whether or not they left the package in the taxi intentionally, but the Gangnam Police shared that they have been tracing back the women’s steps in an effort to find a possible drug route.

CCTV footage of the two female teen’s being escorted to the police car | Yonhap News

It’s been reported by Newsis that the two women are making claims that “the substance in question is not a drug” and are “refusing to take a drug test.” While they may be in police custody on possible drug possession charges, a narcotics test requires the consent of the people in question. This means that the police are unable to forcibly require the two females to take a drug test.

In addition to that, the Gangnam police are also unable to conduct a physical examination of the two women involved due to the insufficient evidence, and will require a warrant to search them.

It’s been further reported that the National Institute of Scientific Investigation has been contacted, where they are expected to conduct an analysis of the packaged substance that the two females left in the taxi. The results will take approximately at least two weeks.

Source: Yonhap News and Newsis